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How many retro-game have you ever played ?
Dozens probably.
But have you ever tried to play 9 retro games... at ONCE ?!
Not yet I guess

Multitasking HD will make you discover a new kind of game. With its wonderful animations and glow effects, Multitasking HD is the best and most addictive iPad game to have fun while improving your reflex, logic, coordination, and fast decision-making skills.
With his smooth difficulty curve, it can be played by EVERYONE, kids, nerds, grandma etc, no matter how good you are, Multitasking HD will be challenging for you too.

Features :
- 9 levels of increasing difficulty will slowly suck you up in the game
- Don't think you can beat it in minutes, it's one of the most hard game available
- Beautiful glow ambiance and animations
- A great step-by-step tutorial including practice mode
- Compare your scores with your friends thanks to Game Center
- Nice music by my friend Matt
- Listening and available support
- Frequent updates (Game Center achievements coming !!)
- Support a young indie developer who makes games in his spare time :)



Frequent Asked Questions

Can you allow drawing with multiple colours at a time on iBurn ?

Unfortunately no, I haven't found an efficient way to mix colours, (what should I display if you superpose blue and red ? And purple + green + orange ?) moreover, it requires much more resources and actually performance falls dramatically :(

Contact us

If you have any request, suggestion, question, if you found a bug or if you just want to say hello, feel free to contact me :)
     - Through email at contact@iniark.com
     - On twitter at @iNiark
     - On Multitasking HD Facebook Page

Multitasking HD on the App Store

Multitasking HD
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